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The website is a resource for rapid prototyping of AR/VRMR/XR applications. It contains links to software, articles, videos and presentations that show how to quickly create your ideas for XR applications.
AR/VR development used to be time consuming and require a lot of technical ability, however with the tools and techniques found on this website, anyone can turn their ideas into prototypes with ease.
Enjoy the site and please send feedback about the content and links to material we might have missed.



The CHI 2021 Course on XR-Prototyping Visit Website



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1- Sketching/rapid prototyping

These are tools for rapid concept design and support little or no interaction.

2- Visual Design

These are tools for visual design/layout with little interaction

3- Wireframe/Interaction flow

These are tools for prototyping interaction flows

4- High-level prototyping tools

These are tools for developing high fidelity prototyping and typically require some coding



Creating 3D UI with Microsoft Marquette

Using Tvori to create a UI in Mixed Reality

Introducing Microsoft Maquette

Using Maquette with Unity

Microsoft Dev Days Maquette presentation

UI/UX creation in VR



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